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Hundred of Keylogger Software had appeared on the net and finding a good perfect key logger software  is not easy. After taking out all the garbage, we were left with our top reviews below, There are dozens of applications out there that claim to be the best key logger software. They all seem similar on the outside - but BEWARE! No two are alike, and some are absolutely terrible. Worse yet, some don't even work correctly, are buggy, or falsely claim features they don't have.

What we are going to do is give you our opinion on what we feel is the best product and why, along with a few notable competitors. We hope this can help you to decide which key logger software to buy. Get only the best and perfect keylogger software.

Our top keylogger software Iwantsoft Free Keylogger is featured on TV news around the world.



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Free keylogger
One of the best key logger software which had been featured on news and radio. It is easy to use and completely undetectable. Best of all it records everything - email, websites, passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, instant messages including Myspace IM, P2P, programs run, and more. Free keylogger offers Parental Control options. It can also forward you all emails to and from the computer you install the software on. It Can also email you activity reports. Free keylogger will email you screen shots of what anybody is doing on the pc. Includes free live support.


 Provide security and privacy when ordering so no one will find out what you order from your credit card bill

Price : $69.95


9 / 10



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The interface is Simple and it is good for novices ,works in total secrecy and cannot be bypassed or detected by user.
Will not slow down the computer. Also records email, websites, passwords, screenshots, and some instant messages. Overall performance is good but it provide remote web-based access to the recorded activity for an additional fee.


The Best Priced yet full featured monitoring software anywhere. At only $29.95. 8.5/10 Go


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Cell Phone Spy Software 

Not for PC but for  Smartphone.  It Is A Cell-Phone Monitoring Software That Tracks And Records ALL Information In Real-Time ,Which Can Then Be Viewed At From ANY Computer In The World!.

Sms Tracking, Call Tracking , Gps Location Tracking, Phone Book Access. Very Good For Tracking A Person Location.


Once installed it is completely invisible and undetectable. At only $59.95. It will let you track an UNLIMITED number of phones! 8.5/10 Go


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PC Tattletale
This program is geared towards parents to keep an eye on their children's internet surfing habits.

MySpace Monitoring ,Powerful Chat Recorder ,Records all keystrokes including passwords, "hidden characters" and true keystrokes too - including MySpace.Com and FaceBook.Com account passwords. You are able to use this software on 2 computers. Web site history monitor , email monitoring and more



Worth buying if you are going to use it on two pc.

Price: $49.99(per year)

8 / 10





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